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Interior Design Service Interior Design Service

Making beautiful handmade products requires huge skill, we are lucky to have the dedication and care of a highly skilled team. The things they product are literally little works of art.

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Our little factory in Karur lies in the heart of the cotton weaving area of Southern India. Mr Ravi and his delightful family have shown us expert techniques to help create our unique designs.

It takes true skill to get our furniture just right and our artisan cabinet makers take their time to perfect every piece. Our collection is hand-carved in the finest natural hardwood.

It would be hard to exaggerate the extraordinary skill and care that goes into the handcrafting of our pottery. Each piece is hand painted by skilled artisan painters in Sri Lanka.
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Our services

Our bespoke sofas and armchairs are made to order in a small workshop in Lancashire. Every piece is hand-built using carefully selected beech timber and high quality upholstery components.

We’ve worked with our charming fabric factory in Karur, India for many years. Their artisan craftsmen and women understand our fabrics perfectly to help us achieve the best finish.

Every detail on our candles is delicately hand painted in our small Sri Lankan studio. Here artisan candlemakers employ expert techniques to turn every candle into a little work of art.
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