Seasonal Notes

Find Susie’s personal notes, anecdotes and any other scribbles to have found their way here from the back of her notebook.
The Foxglove: magic, myths and medicine Late May is usually when the foxglove is at its best. Beautiful to behold, yet deadly in the wrong doses, they have captured the collective imagination for centuries. Read More
Gardens: into the limelight once again! All across the Country, lawns will be mowed, patios swept and garden furniture dusted off as we make the most of the sunny days ahead. Read More
Mad as a March Hare Throughout this month, on fields transformed from featureless brown to green, it is possible to catch the European Hare taking part in a mad sort of mating ritual. Read More
Small but mighty Looking for ways to ward off damp January spirits? Under such cold grey skies, there is nothing more hopeful than the sight of snowdrops. Read More
Out with the new, in with the old… Last week I went to a saleroom to bid on a chest of drawers and I was about to leave when I caught sight of an oil painting. It was a still life by some unknown artist, a fairly standard display of decaying fruit and some flowers against a black background, on sale for £30. Read More
Favourite Family traditions At Susie Watson Designs our decorating ideas involve all the family. Decorations that have been stored away for a year get pulled out, dusted off and put on show! Everyone contributes in their own way but new ideas are always welcomed. Read More
It’s the thought that counts… As Christmas approaches, even the best of us can get palpitations about getting the right present for the right person. To make life easier, we’ve put together our Susie Watson Designs Christmas list. Read More
Christmas is coming Christmas begins early in our house. Scarcely have we removed our pumpkins, gouged and still grinning on the doorstep, than my thoughts turn to the next seasonal celebration: Advent. Read More
Autumn inspiration If a year was tucked inside a clock, Autumn would be the magic hour. October is an important month for launching new designs... Read More
Damson days: why we love Autumn As daylight dims and the air grows colder, I take consolation in the dazzling shades of Autumn. I want to fill the house with warmth and colour, to ‘rage’ in the words of Dylan Thomas, ‘against the dying of the light’... Read More