Autumn Table

A Charcoal Appetite

Charcoal Mood Board
Charcoal is often overlooked as too serious and sensible to make an impact. Neither one thing or another, it is frequently lumped into the ‘grey’ spectrum of colour wheel, conjuring fireplace remnants, smog-filled skies or industrial expanses of concrete and steel.

But far from being simply a mixture of white and black, charcoal has something extra – a touch of blue to the mix – and this makes all the difference. This touch of blue gives it the depth and versatility it needs to stand out, as well as the flexibility to work well with almost every other colour. This is why Charcoal is often dubbed the ‘little black dress’ of décor: dress it up or dress it down; it goes with everything.
Charcoal Armoire
CHarcoal Cushions
Charcoal Elephant Cushion
Charcoal paint makes a fabulous background colour to artwork or even statement pieces of furniture, as seen above with our Armoire.

It will invigorate other colours, especially brighter ones and add further richness to fabrics such as silk and velvet. We love to use our own charcoal velvet alongside brighter applique fabrics. See it paired above with our brand new ‘Elephant Wedding’ cushion.

Or for a real touch of mischief, enjoy it as a motif on wallpaper and fabric alike with our Charcoal Pushkar camels!