Helen Tabor

More than almost anything else art injects individuality and interest into a room. My very first purchase for our first home was a painting. With so little else in the house at the time that was probably quite a strange choice but I have always loved paintings and hated looking at bare walls! In fact, my very first shop was a small contemporary art gallery in Notting Hill which is when I discovered and sold Helen’s work.

As our stores are all laid out as rooms, I have for some time wanted to include artworks in our collections. They are needed to complete the feeling of a home and it has created a wonderful opportunity to work with Helen again. We have added a small selection of paintings to most of our stores now but are now able to showcase a full collection here, in our virtual gallery.

Helen lives and works in the Scottish Borders. All her work is in oil on canvas or board. She usually starts with a background of collage which creates a textured, patterned effect on which she builds her painting. Using a collage base gives depth and takes her in interesting directions so that the painting is to some extent led by the interaction between the paint and what is underneath.

Her inspiration comes from many sources, among them the great Scottish painters of the last century, music, her family, the surrounding hills, fields and shores of southern Scotland. More recently she has become interested in the livelihoods of people indigenous to the Southern Artic Circle and we are delighted to showcase some of those works in this collection.

Helen is a Scottish Royal Academy prize-winning artist who has been widely exhibited, including shows at the Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh) and numerous solo shows across the UK, including Thompsons Gallery (London), Morningside Gallery (Edinburgh) Castlegate House Gallery (Cumbria) and Marine House at Beer (Devon).

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Botanic Garden, oil on board 76 x 76cm
Tomatoes and Cucumbers, oil on board 38 x 38cm
Sunday Afternoon Scones, oil on board 59 x 60cm
St Clements Marmalade, oil on board 71 x 76cm
In the Polytunnel, oil on board 50 x 50cm
On the Deck, oil on board 50 x 50cm
Snow Girl, oil on board 34 x 28cm
Through the Wood, oil on board 37 x 61cm
Winter's Day, oil on board 36 x 38cm
Winter Tree, oil on board 37 x 39cm
Girl with a Horse, oil on board 61 x 91cm
Out in the Snow, oil on board 51 x 56cm
The Black Cockerel, oil on board 49 x 27cm
After the Show, oil on canvas 51 x 51cm
Girl with a Dog and a Bird, oil on board 44 x 22cm
Saying Goodnight, oil on board 48 x 26cm
Clown and Dancer, oil on canvas 61 x 61cm
Girl with a Child, oil on board 46 x 24cm
Cottages on the Shore, oil on board 28 x 32cm
Farm Track in Snow, oil on board 28 x 32cm
Larches in Snow, oil on board 28 x 34cm
Cow and Calf, Late Summer, oil on board 51 x 51cm
Through the Wood, oil on board 37 x 61cm
Cows above the Bay, oil on board 57 x 61cm
Cows and Calves, Late Autumn, oil on canvas 79 x 74cm
Girl with a Dog and Bird, oil on board 44 x 22cm
Cottage with Washing, oil on board 28 x 32cm
Marram Grass, oil on canvas 76 x 87cm
Please note that artworks labelled with a red red-dot have now been sold and artworks with a green dot are currently reserved.