Fine Art Collection

Fine Art Collection

Whilst almost all of our linens are hand-printed, some are so intricate and complex to produce that we have created a special ‘Fine Art Collection’ for them. It is rare to find such intricate designs, screen printed entirely by hand and using so many colours, which makes them incredibly special.
Creating Artwork
Months of work go into the artwork for some of our prints. The more complex prints involve many different layers of colour and can take over a year to refine and complete. Our new floral Hollyhock design involves 15 different colours and requires 30 separate screens to print!

Every layer of artwork must be checked and rechecked before we send it to our printers in South India. Perfecting the colours can take weeks of sampling once the design is ready.

Our incredibly talented Graphic Designer Becca is the ultimate perfectionist and our beautiful and intricate prints are a tribute to her talent.
Hollyhock Linen

Fifteen layers of colour.
Peacock Linen

Fourteen layers of colour.
Peacock Linen
Artisan Production - Bringing the best designs to life
The printing is done entirely by hand on hugely long tables. The linen has to be layed out carefully and pinned in place. Each colour requires a separate screen – in the case of the larger prints it can be 2 screens per colour. The colours are all mixed by hand and matching the approved colour closely for every print run requires skill and patience.

The artisans who carry out this complex printing need to be exceptionally experienced and skilful. Printing one length can take several hours. The results are exceptional and completely different to the mechanical finish of digitally printed fabrics. They are quite simply a work of art!
Susie has a huge appreciation of our artisan’s craft, from the skilful production of artwork in the UK to the precise and methodical techniques employed by the printing team in India.
Guinea Fowl Linen

Nine layers of colour.
Foxglove Linen

Thirteen layers of colour.
Fine Art Collection Fabrics - Bringing style and comfort to homes and interiors
There is something wonderful about this lengthy and skilful process: turning what often starts out as a hand-drawn sketch or design, often inspired by nature or foreign travels, into an exquisite Fine Art Fabric, to be enjoyed and to bring style and comfort to homes & interiors for years to come.