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Colour of the Month: Damson

Delve deeper into Damson…
There is something quintessentially English about the humble damson. Smaller and less prolific than other plums, these little fruits have been quietly growing here ever since the crusaders first brought them back from Damascus. A glimpse of them on our scruffy little tree in the garden is always a heartening sight. This year in particular, the yield has felt poignantly large, as if nature is offering us reassurance against these troubled times. Everything is going to be all right.
damson colour of the month
damson colour of the month
damson colour of the month
Perhaps because of its dependability, the damson epitomises Autumn: mellow fruits and damp, dusky shadows. It speaks of bringing the outside in: the time-honoured rituals of harvest, thanksgiving and preparing for Winter.

As a colour, it carries all these associations and connects us with the rhythms of the natural world around us. Colours can have a tremendous effect on our emotions. Particularly at this time of year, as the natural light slips away, we need them more than ever to provide warmth, well-being and reassurance.
In colour terms, Damson is the gift that keeps on giving. It is the colour of kings and wizards alike: a warm, welcoming colour that commands attention. It works well against neutral colours and can adds instant interest to a sofa or dull corner. Its rich tone lends itself to soft, luxuriant fabrics, so check out our Damson throws and Damson velvet cushions. For additional inspiration, take a look at our selection of NEW floor rugs, many of which have crimson and damson threads woven into their patterns.