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All our fabrics are handmade with great skill and attention to detail at our charming factory in Southern India. We take great pride in our fabrics being manufactured by hand and love the unique quality it gives us. As a result, there will sometimes be some slight imperfections in the fabric; this shouldn't be considered a fault, but be seen as part of its character. All our linen fabrics are completely natural not dyed, this can mean they can fade when positioned in direct sunlight. If you require advice on the position of your curtains or blinds please contact one of our fabric team.  

Fabric Delivery

Fabric delivery can take up to 5–7 days from time of ordering.

Fabric Returns Policy

Our fabrics and trimmings are traditionally woven using 100% cotton, linen and silk. All our fabrics are made by hand and not machine which makes our fabric so unique, small imperfections should not be considered a fault.

Please check that you are happy with your fabric before cutting or altering it in any way. We cannot accept responsibility for the fabric once it has been cut.

Double Width Fabrics

Our double width cotton fabrics are 260cm or 300cm wide and are woven with a horizontal stripe These fabrics are designed to be used as a vertical stripe on your curtains and blinds, but using the width as your drop.

The beauty of this is that you will have no seams in your curtains.

We are gradually making all our double width fabrics 300cm wide but while this happens, you will still see some 260cm wide fabrics available. Please make sure you take the width in to account when buying your fabric.

Embroidered & Appliqued Fabrics

These wonderful fabrics are finished by hand, and come in workable lengths of 2 – 3 metres.

Each pack that you purchase will contain one cut length of fabric, and each product shows the width of the drop and pattern repeat so you can make your curtains.

Colour Variation

Please be aware that all our fabrics are subject to shade variation from batch to batch, especially those which are hand embroidered. It is also particularly difficult to represent fabric colours accurately in photography and we therefore recommend viewing a sample prior to purchase.

Washing & Care Instructions

Following these useful care guidelines will enable you to enjoy our beautiful products and ensure longevity. For best results use a reputable dry-cleaning company with expert knowledge of natural fabrics and dyes.

Fabrics, Trimmings, Curtains & Linen, Cotton and Silk Cushions

Our unique fabrics are dyed using natural dyes - our Embroidery and Applique fabrics are lovingly handmade. Due to the delicate nature of our fabrics we recommend professional dry cleaning, using a specialist upholstery cleaner. Cleaning solvents used in the dry-cleaning process can be harsh, so it is important the cleaner uses a gentle treatment. Always allow a 3-5% shrinkage when the fabric is professionally dry cleaned and clean matching items together. To limit the need for regular dry cleaning, we advise caring for these products by lightly vacuuming using an upholstery nozzle (soft brush) to prevent a build-up of dust. In the unfortunate event that the fabric gets stained, try to dab the stain as promptly as possible using a dry absorbent kitchen towel or clean cloth. For tricky stains gently wipe clean with a damp cloth. To avoid water marks ensure excess water is removed from the cloth. If using an upholstery cleaning product, please read the instructions carefully and ensure they are suitable for Silk, Cotton or Linens and always pre-test on a small discreet area. Remember to plump up your cushions regularly to keep their shape and prevent the feathers from migrating!


Due to the inherent pile characteristic of Velvet, the fabric is prone to leave marks when pressure is applied. The Velvet fabric recovers well when lightly brushed with a soft brush. Our Velvet Cushions can be professionally dry cleaned or alternatively for small, light stains wipe clean with a damp cloth and leave to dry – to avoid water marks ensure excess water is removed from the cloth. After drying gently rub the pile to regain the Velvet’s original appearance. Avoid using upholstery cleaning products.

Box Cushions

The beautiful cotton covering is not removable. In the event the cushion gets stained, dab the stain as promptly as possible using a dry absorbent kitchen towel or clean cloth. For tricky stains gently wipe clean with a damp cloth. To avoid water marks ensure excess water is removed from the cloth. If using an upholstery cleaning product, please read the instructions carefully and ensure they are suitable for cotton fabric and always pre-test on a small discreet area.

Chair and Garden Cushions, Table Cloths and Napkins, Oven gloves, Dog Blankets, Nightwear & Bed Linen

Our Machine washable products are made from 100% cotton or linen and a small amount of shrinkage will naturally occur. Washing on a high temperature or with a fast spin will cause greater shrinkage. We recommend washing on a delicate cycle at 40 degrees using a non-biological detergent – avoid using detergents containing optical whiteners, bleaching agents or enzymes - these can damage fabrics causing fading and patch marks. Always separate light and dark colours before washing to avoid colour transfer. For best results remove immediately from the washing machine and reshape whilst damp. Line dry to reduce creasing. Creasing is inherent in natural fabrics, hence why it is important to remove promptly when using washing machines. For best results iron whilst slightly damp using a steam iron.

Aga Covers

For best results we recommend hand washing separately in warm water using a gentle, non-biological hand wash detergent. Ensure the detergent is fully dissolved before placing the Aga cover into the water. For stubborn stains leave to soak, rinse well and gently wring to remove excess water. Dry flat on top of the Aga lid and steam iron to remove any creasing and regain original shape.

Handmade Quilts

Our quilts are lovingly handmade and designed to be used with a flat sheet underneath to prevent the need to launder regularly. When cleaning is required, we recommend professionally dry cleaning using a gentle treatment.


All our Throws are 100% wool and to be dry cleaned only.


Our rugs are beautifully hand woven. We recommend vacuuming regularly to keep them clean and to remove any loose fibres. For more thorough cleaning, we recommend you use a professional rug cleaner.

Upholstered Sofas & Chairs

We recommend caring for Upholstered Sofas and Chairs by lightly vacuuming using an upholstery nozzle (soft brush), paying attention to pleated or folded areas. Regular gentle vacuuming prevents a build-up of dust, which reduces the need for professional cleaning. When cleaning is required, we recommend you use a recognised professional upholstery cleaning company. Our sofa legs are made from wood. To care for them we advise dusting regularly with a clean cloth. Avoid using polishes that could damage the wood and stain the fabric.

Sun Damage & Heat

Natural fabrics are subject to some fading in sunlight and when fabrics are placed near glass they fade faster. To limit fading try to draw curtains back from direct sunlight when not in use. You could consider switching the position of upholstered furniture, curtains and cushions from time to time to reduce the amount of exposure to sunlight. Try to avoid placing cushions in direct sunlight. To avoid damage from heat never leave upholstered furniture and fabrics in direct contact with or too close to a heat source e.g. a radiator, fan or open fire.