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Colour of the Month Indian Red

The kaleidoscope colours of India have long mesmerized rulers, travellers and visitors alike. But red, in its infinite variations – vermillion, tilaka, sindoor, henna – has a special significance in the Indian consciousness.
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From the “rani” pink of Rajasthan, to the deep oranges and ochres that bejewel almost every celebration, and the spices and pigments that flavour every regional cuisine, red is present in all aspects of daily life, culture and faith.
indian red Kilim cushions
indian red cushions
indian red cushions
It is the colour of promise and togetherness, and is the preferred colour for every bridal garment. It stands for purity as much as it stands for strength, associated with one of the most revered goddesses in Hindu mythology – Durga, her fiery image enhanced by her red tongue and almost red eyes. Red is the colour of the fertile clay that reaps harvests and better lives and is used widely in prayer ceremonies and offerings. And India could hardly be celebrated as the land of spices without an array of fiery flavours: saffron, turmeric and chillies – to name a few!
indian red fabric, indian red curtains
indian red fabric, indian red curtains
indian red fabric, indian red chair, indian red cushion
Yet the implications of this this rich colour are profound and universal. The colour red is not a wallflower colour; it draws you in and demands engagement. It creates immediate feelings of hospitality and warmth – as redolent in homes of cold, damp England, as it is in the dry heat of India.

For Susie Watson Designs, this deep Indian Red is a celebration of our deep and continued ties with India. Over the years, the small family enterprises we work alongside, have become part of our extended family network and have inspired a great many of our designs.
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