Crafternoon ideas: an appliqué cushion in 4 easy steps

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Looking for ways to fill a crafternoon? Then look no further than applique. Appliqué is the ideal way to use up any fabric odds and ends – especially now that most of us can only use what we have to hand. Use up bits of old clothing or fabric swatches – any old bits and pieces will do – and the technique is fun and easy to master for all ages. Follow our four easy steps below to create an appliqué cushion. If you need a little extra inspiration, take a look at our Instagram video for a quick demonstration of our boat cushion:

You will need the following:

• An assortment of fabric pieces
• Scissors
• Pins
• Paper and Pencil
• Sewing machine or needle and thread
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Step One
Begin by laying out the design of your cushion. Cushions can be any size or shape, so set aside the front and back panels and then focus on sketching out the applique design. We recommend starting with easy shapes – a boat, a heart, for example – and sketching them out onto a piece of paper.
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Step Two
Cut along your pencil markings and using the paper as a template, pin it directly onto your remnant fabric pieces. Then, cut!
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Step Three
Remove the paper from the fabric and lay out your appliqué shapes onto the front panel of your cushion.
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Step Four
Start stitching! You can use a variety of stitches to finish the raw edges, either by hand or with a sewing machine. We recommend a zig-zag stitch or a blanket stitch or even a simple straight stitch.