Duck Egg Mood board

5 top tips for a prize-winning mood-board

If you’ve got a design project in mind, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. Deciding on a scheme that you love and that works for everyone can be tricky – and harder still during lock-down, when browsing stores isn’t an option.

All is not lost!
A mood-board can be a great way to brainstorm, get inspired or share your design ideas with others. Our online mood-board is easy to use and costs nothing to make. It is easy to change it, save it, come back to it later – and perhaps best of all, you can share it with people all over the world. This simple online tool can be used for all sorts of design projects: whether you are doing up your spare room or rearranging the cushions on your sofa. Simply add products to your mood-board as you browse and then rearrange them to get your perfect look. Combine curtain fabrics with trimmings and other upholstery ideas; match table linens with your favourite ceramics, or start with your favourite wallpaper and go from there! The opportunities are endless…

Here's our five top tips for creating a killer mood-board.
Summer Green and Rose Mood board
Make the most of a background colour
Colour is the most important part of any mood-board choosing a background colour is a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to try things out – it’s all part of the fun. Choose from a broad variety paints and wallpaper patterns. There are even table linens available, so you can design your dream dinner table.
Think about size and position
Make the important things in your room take centre stage – the more important the element, the more central it should be. Simply click on an item to expand it or bring it forward to sit in front of other things.
Choose your images carefully
Each product has a number of images to choose from! Scroll through each product in your mood-board to decide which one works best. Use swatches with jagged edges for fabrics and overlay with your favourite trimmings. Or if you are wanting to pair things together, choose a cut-out of the product, to see it alongside other products or against a background colour.
Duck Egg Mood board
Less is more
Although it is tempting to put everything you love together, it can spell overload! A crowded mood-board can sometimes be more confusing than helpful, so don’t be afraid to have a few different mood-boards on the go at the same time. Remember: you can create and label as many different mood-boards as you want.
Summer Green Mood board
If at first you don’t succeed…
Stick with it – sometimes you need a few mood-boards under your belt, before you get your combinations right. Take advantage of our mood-board management tool, which allows you to save, label and forward your mood-board to your friends.