Favourite Family traditions

1. The Kindness Fairy
An alternative to the popular Elf on the Shelf idea, our Christmas fairy puts out little notes of praise for daily acts of kindness on the tree. Children are encouraged to write back. Let us know if you have variations of this idea to share!
Chistmas fairy decoration
Christmas fairy decoration
2. Decorating together
From wrapping the lights around the tree, to choosing your favourite baubles there is something to do for everyone. We put baubles absolutely everywhere: combine them with foliage on windowsills, mantlepieces and even on top of picture frames. We even tie them onto strips of old fabric as part of our place settings! Get taller people involved for the high bits and little people focused on the lower areas…
christmas clear bauble
christmas baubles
christmas baubles
3. Homemade decorations: easy shapes to make at home
Make your own clay decorations at home with this easy three-step clay recipe. (1 cup baking soda, ½ cup of corn-starch and ¾ cup water). It works much better than salt dough and is quick and simple to make. We love it in easy cookie-cutter shapes, such as stars and hearts. Paint or glaze your shapes if you are really adventurous. Oh, and don’t forget to make a hole for hanging string!
Christmas ceramic decoration
Christmas ceramic decoration
4. Involving Pets at Christmas
Most families will be sharing Christmas with furry or four-legged friends. If your dog loves almond butter as much as ours does, you can’t go wrong with this simple dog treat recipe: 2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup almond butter and 2 eggs. Mix the ingredients together until combined, and then add water until it becomes wet enough to roll out as dough. Bake as if it were a cookie! A fun activity to do with children and something delicious to put in a dog-stocking!
christmas tree, christmas dogs
dog coat, christmas dogs
christmas living room, christmas dogs, dog bed