Moss Cushion

In praise of Moss: December’s inspiration colour

This month we are celebrating Moss as December’s inspiration colour. This green is one of nature’s most versatile hues, a relaxing, reassuring colour that ties us to the natural world. The humble moss is one of the first plants on the planet, giving Earth its first breath of fresh, clean air. It thrives all year round in damp cloudy climates such as ours, along with other seasonal favourites such as the holly bush and the fir tree. Unsurprising then, that green is the nation’s favourite colour!
Moss Moodboard
Shades of moss-green work wonderfully in period properties but can also bring a raw, earthy feel to contemporary spaces.
Moss sofa
Moss velvet cushion
Moss cushion
Paler shades can be added to a room scheme for balance, contributing a calming, restorative feel. However, it can look luminescent when paired with accessories and soft furnishings in darker shades, such as ivy or olive.
Moss bench
Moss table
Moss throw
For old-world opulence, use it in fabrics such as silks and velvets, or opt for woollens and tweeds to give a calmer, more grounded impression.
Moss Bauble
Moss Bauable
The evergreen associations of this colour make it an obvious addition to the festive season. Christmas is when this humble earthy colour really comes into its own. Look out for our Christmas bauble to see ‘moss green’ is at its sparkly extravagant best!