Autumn Table

Colour of the Month: Russet

Russet embodies Autumn. It is a rich reddish-brown shade with an added hint of saffron and puts us in mind of bonfires and pumpkins and late harvests. In a season which is constantly losing light, Russet provides its reassuring glow to distract us from the steady onset of Winter. Most commonly associated with the humble potato, this colour has no delusions of grandeur. It is warm and earthy, derived from the Latin word for "red", russus and given to the coarse woollen cloth of worn by monks and priests as a sign of humility. In horticultural terms, the Russet is your classic ruddy-skinned potato: resilient and versatile. It is also used to describe the authentically English apple, identified by the curiously furry texture of its skin.

So what can be said about Russet? Russet speaks to the very best of honest, down-to-earth straightforwardness. It embodies the feeling of coming home: the colour equivalent of a warm mug of tea or a pat on the hand. At Susie Watson Designs, we love to add its burnished tones onto our sofas, chairs and footstools. To us, a russet cushion on a sofa says: ‘come on in and put your feet up.’ Because sometimes, when all is said and done, this is exactly what is needed.
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