Our Sale, Ex-Display and Seconds Furniture selection is a great opportunity to acquire a lovely piece of furniture at a significant saving.

Beautiful Seconds
Our seconds furniture is still beautiful and each piece is one which will be treasured for a lifetime. Furniture may be labelled as seconds for a variety reasons, including:

Timber Variation - Wood is a natural product and variation is a natural feature. There may be a variation in the shade of timber but this will weather-in with use and become less noticeable with time.

Natural Blemishes - Occasional cracks, splits and blemishes are often an inevitable feature of natural timber. Any cracks will have been filled, repaired and finished. This will not spoil the overall look or performance of a piece of furniture.

Slight Bowing - Sometimes a table top, lamp base or curtain pole maybe be very slightly bowed, this is barely noticeable and will not affect the use.

Off Centre Caning - Our caned furniture is all woven by hand, occasionally some of the caning may be slightly off-center, but is still an elegant and beautiful feature.

Small scratches - Our seconds mirrors may have a scratch or a few small scratches in the glass, these are not big enough to make the mirror itself unusable. These pieces are still lovely statement mirrors which will look great in a variety of rooms.

Ex-Display Furniture
Ex-display items have been used in our photoshoots & showrooms and are still in good or excellent condition. There could be insignificant marks on the upholstery.

More Information
If you are interested in a piece of Seconds or Ex-Display Furniture, please get in touch and we will provide a specific description and/or send some images.
Email: Sale Furniture or call us on 0344 9808185.