Summer Green Gardens

Colour of the Month: Summer Green

Summer Green Moodboard
“Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”
– Pedro Calderon de la Barca
When we think of green, we think intuitively of beginnings. Where there is green, there is water and where there is water, there is life. The colour unavoidably conjures the lushness of the natural world around us: leaves, foliage and grass. By far the largest contributor to Green in nature is chlorophyll, a chemical in plants which converts sunlight into energy for growth. No wonder then, that it is a colour associated with rebirth, of freshness and fertility and life in the offing. More prescient now than ever before, green taps into the zeitgeist as issues of sustainability and protecting our planet become more and more urgent  and with current limitations on movement and time outside, we find ourselves craving it more than ever. If we can't get enough of green outside, then the fresh reassurance of Summer Green can help to provide a little serenity and calm in our homes.
Summer Green Living Room
Summer Green Cuhions
Summer Green Living Room
Given its importance in the natural order, it is worth noting that green is not a primary colour, but a blend of blue and yellow on the visible spectrum. Yellow predominates in vibrant, fresher greens, where dark blue and sometimes even black, can be added for a richer evergreen palette. Our colour of the month, Summer Green has been designed to represent a breath of fresh air in colour terms. With just enough yellow to echo the lush grass of early summer, it works brilliantly with a whole array of colours and serves to invigorate interior spaces. Just as a walk can serve to revitalise body and mind, so we hope this colour does likewise to the home. We love our new Summer Green Maja fabric used as curtains, or our Summer Green Sprig fabric to upholster a tub chair.

In cushion combinations, Summer Green translates so well across a whole host of textures. We love it represented in silk and velvet and include it as a staple colour in our embroidered cushion collections. But perhaps most popular of all, is its evocation in the Cow Parsley of our new Summer Hares cushion, a celebration of British Summer.
Summer Green Garden