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Furniture that Belongs from the Beginning

Our beautiful furniture is hand carved by skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan using traditional techniques that go back many years.

One of a Kind
Each piece of our furniture is inherently unique, no two legs will be identical. These tiny differences and imperfections make handmade furniture so much more beautiful, give it lasting value and add to what we believe makes every piece a work of art.

Features of Natural Wood
Our furniture is made in acacia wood which is a sustainable hardwood. It is robust, very dense and heavy. The final treatments used create our beautiful pale finish which will gradually mellow over time to a pale honey colour. Direct sunlight will accelerate the process and result in a deeper colour. Wood is a natural product and every piece will be a little different. This adds enormously to the individuality and character of the piece and whilst the furniture will all sit well together it will never match exactly.

Acacia wood often cracks and splits a little with age. This is considered a natural feature of the wood, adds character and should not be considered a fault. Wood will continue to settle for some time and may be affected by changes in temperature and atmosphere. This can cause small cracks to open up between wide planks and joints. This is unavoidable in some conditions and if required these cracks can be filled successfully once the piece has settled. This should not spoil the overall look or performance.

Furniture Care
- Spills should be removed as soon as possible to prevent staining.
- A duster is best suited for most items but a warm cloth and mild detergent should be used to wipe tables and other tops when required.

Garden Furniture
- The joy of teak is that it may be left outside all year long. Over time, the colour of the wood will gradually fade to grey. If required, apply a coat of teak oil every Spring.
- Weathering of iron furniture will occur over time as the item is exposed to natural elements, this creates an attractive, mellow vintage look. If you prefer a more pristine look, we recommend regular cleaning and occasional repainting.

Installation & Delivery
Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure furniture will fit! Please take care to measure carefully when larger pieces are to go upstairs. Our delivery men are helpful, careful and strong but whilst they will do their absolute best to avoid damage they cannot take responsibility for slight damage caused by attempting to move large pieces of furniture up small staircases. If it is not possible to get a piece into a position, we cannot be held responsible and there will be a small restocking charge to cover taking it away.

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