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How We Make Our Textiles


We have been very fortunate to find the perfect partner in Mr Ravi. His family-run business in rural Southern India is home to a multitude of talented artists. Each piece is entirely handmade with a huge amount of skill and care.All of our textiles are traditionally dyed and woven in a process which is overseen by Mr Ravi, a master weaver. We are recognised for our beautiful colours and an enormous amount of effort goes into creating every shade.

Kartik, an artist in embroidery, supervises the cutting & stitching of every item. Each heart, flower and bird is cut out individually.All the expertise, coupled with lots of enthusiasm, makes the workshop an ideal setting for origination. Susie spends at least four weeks a year there creating first samples of new designs.

There is no outsourcing, so we know who is making our products.All of our linens are made by humans, not machines, so small imperfections can happen. This is part of the handmade charm.

Mr & Mrs Ravi:

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