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How We Make It

“It is not enough to design beautiful products – it is important that they are made by people working in a safe environment where they are treated with respect.

Making beautiful handmade products requires huge skill. All of our products have been made with dedication and care by a team of highly skilled people who take great pride in their work. The things they product are literally little works of art. Producing them gives great satisfaction to the maker and enduring pleasure to the end user.

I believe we make a real contribution to the communities where we make our products. We strive to produce products at a price that is fair to both the manufacturer and to our customers.“

Join Susie on her trip to Sri Lanka and find out how we make our pottery
A behind-the-scenes look into Susie’s trip to India
“All of our textiles are traditionally dyed and woven, a process that is overseen by Mr Ravi, a master weaver.”
“It would be hard to exaggerate the extraordinary skill & care that goes into the handcrafting of our pottery in Sri Lanka.”