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How we make it

‘Educating people about the joy of hand-made artisan products isn’t easy as we have been so conditioned to expect the uniformity of mass-production. Just like if you are buying directly from an artist at their studio, you wouldn’t expect each product to be identical, it is the same when you buy from Susie Watson Designs; small variations in colour, shape and size can happen, this part of the hand-made process is what makes our products unique.’

Join Susie on her trip to Sri Lanka and find out how we make our pottery
A behind-the-scenes look into Susie’s trip to India
“All of our textiles are traditionally dyed and woven, a process that is overseen by Mr Ravi, a master weaver.”
“It would be hard to exaggerate the extraordinary skill & care that goes into the handcrafting of our pottery in Sri Lanka.”