Dreams and Schemes

Pick up plenty of insight and inspiration on colour and design, as well as handy tips for decorating and styling any space.
Colour of the Month: Saffron Not merely a startling colour, Saffron is also enjoyed for its distinctive taste and revered for its healing properties. Read More
Colour of the Month: Marine Blue So often we are tempted to regard colour as a purely visual spectrum. And yet history helps us understand that colour is as much as reflection of culture. Read More
Indian Red: our celebration colour The kaleidoscope colours of India have long mesmerized rulers, travellers and visitors alike. Read More
Have you got a room that needs a rethink? We’ve all got a room that we know, deep down, needs a little help. Read More
Slip into serenity with Duck Egg Blue From creamy and chalky whites to deeper greenish blue of magpies and mallards, these delicate tones have inspired artists and scientists through the ages Read More
5 top tips for a prize-winning mood-board A mood-board can be a great way to brainstorm, get inspired or share your design ideas with others. Read More
Colour of the Month: Violet Violet is one of the very oldest colours used by man. Visually, it can be hard to pin down; one person’s violet might be another’s lilac or lavender or just plain purple. Read More
Our Crusade for Hand-made We are very passionate about our hand-made products. Yet we are often asked why hand-made matters so much. Read More
Colour of the Month: Summer Green When we think of green, we think intuitively of beginnings. Where there is green, there is water and where there is water, there is life. Read More
Crafternoon ideas: appliqué cushion Looking for ways to fill a crafternoon? Then look no further than applique. Read More
A desk for every occasion... As most of us settle into a spell in the Great Indoors, finding space for a bit of peace and quiet can be a tricky business. Read More
Amelia's Costwold Farmhouse The rooms have been reworked in stages over the years. Like so many redecoration projects, one thing has led to another... Read More
Colour of the Month: Pink For a colour that doesn’t really exist, Pink has made a significant splash, shifting from one extreme to the other over the last three centuries Read More
Colour of the Month: Charcoal Charcoal is often dubbed the ‘little black dress’ of décor: dress it up or dress it down; it goes with everything. Read More
Bring out your 'inner-designer' At Susie Watson Designs, we want to unleash the 'inner-designer' in you. Decorating can be expensive, so it is worth putting aside the time to discover what inspires you Read More
How we make it: Snowdrops The first glimpse of the humble snowdrop in January is inevitably a big moment in my calendar. Read More
Start the year with Smokey Blue Our January colour takes its inspiration from pieces of rounded beach-glass and sky before sunrises. Read More
In praise of Moss: December’s inspiration colour This month we are celebrating Moss as December’s inspiration colour. Read More
Colour of the Month: Russet In a season which is constantly losing light, Russet provides its reassuring glow to distract us from the steady onset of Winter. Read More
Colour of the Month: Damson If green is the colour of spring, then ‘damson’ conjures up autumn: mellow fruits and damp, dusky shadows. It is a warm, restorative colour that is both magic and majestic: the colour of kings and wizards alike. Read More
Crazy for camels Not all my design ideas are drawn from the English countryside. This camel motif was first inspired by a staircase mural I saw whilst visiting a palace in Rajasthan... Read More