Dreams and Schemes

Have a browse through our scrapbook of new projects and designs, Susie’s personal musings and anecdotes – as well as some 'through the keyhole' journeys into the homes of some of our most stylish customers.
Going Green! Whether you want to make it a statement colour or more of a gentle whisper, here are our top tips for ‘going green…’ Read More
Our Crusade for Hand-made We are very passionate about our hand-made products. The whole ethos of hand-made products is so different, yet we are often asked why hand-made matters so much. Read More
Crazy for camels Not all my design ideas are drawn from the English countryside. This camel motif was first inspired by a staircase mural I saw in Rajasthan... Read More
Hallways - Making an Entrance! Here are a few colourful ideas for re-energising that over-used yet often under-loved of rooms: the hallway... Read More
Cotswold Farmhouse The rooms have been reworked in stages over the years. Like so many redecoration projects, one thing has led to another... Read More
Isle of Wight Refurbishment Tucked away just south of the stunning Newtown River Estuary on the Isle of Wight lies the beautiful Grade II listed Shalfleet Manor. Read More
Warwickshire Restoration Project On a beautifully sunny day September, our design team took a chance to catch up with one of our clients. Read More
A room that needs a rethink? We’ve all got a room that we know, deep down, needs a little help. Read More
Top tips for a prize-winning mood-board A mood-board can be a great way to brainstorm, get inspired or share your design ideas with others. Read More
Crafternoon ideas: appliqué cushion Looking for ways to fill a crafternoon? Then look no further than applique. Read More
Art for every day... Art is about making things that are beautiful. It is an expression of human imagination and skill. Read More
Gardens: into the limelight once again! All across the Country, lawns will be mowed, patios swept and garden furniture dusted off as we make the most of the sunny days ahead. Read More
A desk for every occasion... As most of us settle into a spell in the Great Indoors, finding space for a bit of peace and quiet can be a tricky business. Read More
Bring out your 'inner-designer' At Susie Watson Designs, we want to unleash the 'inner-designer' in you. Read More
Mother Love A mother is she who can take the place of all others – but who could take her place? We shouldn't need a reason to show her how much we love her. Read More
Foxgloves: magic, myths and medicine Beautiful to behold, foxgloves have captured the collective imagination for centuries. Read More
Autumn inspiration If a year was tucked inside a clock, Autumn would be the magic hour... Read More
Damson days: why we love Autumn As daylight dims and the air grows colder, take consolation in the dazzling shades of Autumn.... Read More
Christmas is coming Christmas begins early in our house. Scarcely have we removed our pumpkins, than my thoughts turn to the next seasonal celebration: Advent. Read More
It’s the thought that counts… At Christmas, we all fret about having the right present for the right person. To make life easier, we’ve put together our Susie Watson Designs Christmas list. Read More
Favourite Family traditions Our decorating ideas involve all the family. Decorations that have been stored away for a year get pulled out, dusted off and put on show! Read More
Five reasons to put your feet up! Not merely the perfect partner to sofas and chairs, footstools are extremely versatile pieces of furniture. Read More
Out with new, in with old… Should we be gravitating toward things that are trendy, or does this mean we keep creating the same things? Read More
new beginnings
New Year, New Beginnings… No doubt we are beginning this new year with hopes of starting afresh. Read More
Small but mighty Looking for ways to ward off January spirits? Under cold grey skies, there's nothing more hopeful than snowdrops. Read More
Introducing Helen Tabor Helen's wonderfully ethereal oil paintings have made her one of the UK’s most successful contemporary artists. Read More
How we make it: Snowdrops A first glimpse of the humble snowdrop in January never fails to bring us hope. Read More