Colour Stories

Three Rules about Colour…

Colour is light. It is an integral part of the way we experience the world around us. Colour is also emotion. It has tremendous power to transform your spirit, your mood and your outlook. And last but not least, colour is a journey. Choosing colours as companions to live alongside is about discovering the colours you are drawn to and then finding ways to introduce them into your home. Delve into our colour stories below for inspiration and explore how to enjoy them everyday.
Pink For a colour that doesn’t really exist, Pink has made a significant splash, shifting from one extreme to the other. Read More
Duck Egg Blue From chalky whites to deeper green/blues, these delicate tones have inspired artists and scientists through the ages Read More
Indian Red The kaleidoscope colours of India have long mesmerized rulers, travellers and visitors alike. Read More
Summer Green When we think of green, we think of beginnings. If there is green, there is life. Read More
Marine Blue Colour is as much as reflection of culture, and blue has had a long, conflicting history. Read More
Violet Violet is one of the very oldest colours used by man. Read More
Damson Damson conjures up autumn: mellow fruits and damp, dusky shadows. Read More
Russet To us, a russet cushion on a sofa says: ‘come on in and put your feet up'. Read More
Moss Moss green is one of nature’s most versatile hues. Read More
Smokey Blue Smokey Blue is the colour of mermaid tails and borrowed sunlight on a wintry afternoon. Read More
Charcoal Charcoal is often dubbed the ‘little black dress’ of décor: dress it up or dress it down; it goes with everything. Read More
Saffron Not merely a startling colour, Saffron is also enjoyed for its distinctive taste and revered for its healing properties. Read More