Colour Stories

Pick up plenty of insight and inspiration on colour and design.
January: Smokey Blue Our January colour takes its inspiration from pieces of rounded beach-glass and sky before sunrises. Read More
February: Charcoal Charcoal is often dubbed the ‘little black dress’ of décor: dress it up or dress it down; it goes with everything. Read More
March: Pink For a colour that doesn’t really exist, Pink has made a significant splash, shifting from one extreme to the other over the last three centuries Read More
April: Summer Green When we think of green, we think intuitively of beginnings. Where there is green, there is water and where there is water, there is life. Read More
May: Violet Violet is one of the very oldest colours used by man. Visually, it can be hard to pin down; one person’s violet might be another’s lilac or lavender or just plain purple. Read More
June: Duck Egg Blue From creamy and chalky whites to deeper greenish blue of magpies and mallards, these delicate tones have inspired artists and scientists through the ages Read More
July: Indian Red The kaleidoscope colours of India have long mesmerized rulers, travellers and visitors alike. Read More
August: Marine Blue So often we are tempted to regard colour as a purely visual spectrum. And yet history helps us understand that colour is as much as reflection of culture. Read More
September: Saffron Not merely a startling colour, Saffron is also enjoyed for its distinctive taste and revered for its healing properties. Read More
October: Damson If green is the colour of spring, then ‘damson’ conjures up autumn: mellow fruits and damp, dusky shadows. It is a warm, restorative colour that is both magic and majestic: the colour of kings and wizards alike. Read More
November: Russet In a season which is constantly losing light, Russet provides its reassuring glow to distract us from the steady onset of Winter. Read More
December: Moss This month we are celebrating Moss as December’s inspiration colour. Read More